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LumaCyte’s transformative microfluidic cell analysis technology, Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC), offers researchers and biomanufacturers a label-free single cell analysis capability where the use of antibodies or genetic labeling is not required. LumaCyte’s Radiance instrument uses a unique combination of advanced optics and microfluidics to automatically identify and characterize cells of interest based upon key intrinsic biophysical and biochemical cellular properties and dynamics. Laser Force Cytology (LFC) delivers a more robust and powerful sample analysis compared with conventional label-based flow cytometry.

Label-Free LFC™ Analysis

The biopharmaceutical world is evolving rapidly, bringing with it the need for innovative technologies to support this fast-paced and changing environment. LumaCyte’s advanced bioanalytics platform, Radiance®, is a label-free, single cell approach for quantitative characterization of innate cellular responses without the need for antibody or genetic labeling. This revolutionary technology utilizes Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) to measure cellular response and changes to their intrinsic biochemical and biophyscial properties by measuring optical and fluidic forces on cells in a microfluidic device. Subtle cellular changes can be precisely captured with Radiance’s automated workflow, allowing developers to measure real-time product quality attributes and immediately optimize processes, significantly improving both production quality and product yields. This includes both in-process analytics to inform and optimize the production process as well as offline release and potency assays used to ensure product quality and consistency.

LFC detects subtle phenotypic changes in cells, rapidly measuring quantitative early indicators of cellular response including viral infection, transfection and differentiation.

The Value of Label-Free LFC™ Analysis

Opening the Door to New Cellular Insights

  • Protects the innate cellular response through a label-free measurement approach
  • Reduces errors in assay results through unbiased cellular measurements
  • Enables discoveries of new cells, phenotypes, and cellular biomarkers
  • Delivers higher quality results with less time and cost

Advanced bioanalytics are becoming a vital component of a successful Quality by Design (QbD) biomanufacturing program, where accurate and precise real-time data hold the keys to improved production consistency and product quality. LumaCyte’s label-free single-cell analysis platform, Radiance®, using Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™), delivers advanced analytics for real-time bioprocess monitoring and quality control strategies.

LumaCyte Force Cytology

1:31 duration


Hydrodynamic focusing

Optical Tweezers

Photon pressure

Image Capture

Digital imaging, storage, processing, pattern recognition

Analvze Untreated Cells

Minimal reagent costs

Unbiases Biophysical Measurements

Novel physical properties

Phenotype New Cells

Discover Unknown Unknowns

Detect New Cell States

Infection, cancer, differentiation

Probe Cell Deformability

Factors Affecting Optical Force

Laser Force Cytology (LFC) is a label-free, microfluidic cell analysis and sorting technology where the use of antibody or genetic labeling is not required for cellular analysis. Subtle phenotypic changes in cell biochemistry and morphology (cytoskeletal changes)[4], which are often associated with cancer, sepsis, and other diseases, give rise to detectable differences in optical force, deformability and a host of other multi-variate data parameters quantitated by Radiance™.

Surface morphology,
Refractive index (proteins,
cytoplasm, membrane)
Internal cellular structure
and organization

Comparison of LFC and Flow Cytometry

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