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Viral Titer Assay

Real-time Viral Titer Assay Capability

Current viral titer assay methods, a crucial component of vaccine & CGT development and production efforts, are generally slow, labor intensive, subjective, and difficult to standardize, often resulting in large errors or failures during critical production timepoints.

Accelerating Vaccine & CGT Development and Production

The need for a rapid viral infectivity assay has never been more important.  LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument fulfills this need through the use of Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC), a combination of advanced optics and microfluidics that analyzes single cells based upon their intrinsic biophysical and biochemical properties without the use of antibodies or fluorescent labels. LumaCyte’s LFC infectivity data correlates tightly with traditional plaque and TCID50 assays allowing Radiance® to be a direct replacement for these antiquated and laborious assays. Functional viral titer assay measurements can be made in a fraction of the time of traditional assays or in near real-time throughout an ongoing viral process during production. Additionally, Radiance® provides novel data around host response and the viral life cycle, enabling a better understanding of cellular infection through the measurement of phenotypic changes providing researchers powerful additional intelligence of their viral samples. These valuable new data insights provide researchers powerful intelligence into their viral samples, enabling rapid optimization across important development and manufacturing process steps.

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