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About LumaCyte

Innovate. Discover. Transform™.

Accelerating the development and production of life-saving therapies through label-free, single-cell analysis.
Accurate & Precise
Viral Infectivity Analytics
Real-time Bioprocess
Quantitative Data
Without Subjectivity
AAV Transfection & Transduction Monitoring
Label-Free iPSC Differentiation Monitoring
Flexible Platform Cell &
Virus Independent

Our Mission

LumaCyte’s mission is to provide researchers with a transformational diagnostic tool that accelerates medical and pharmaceutical discoveries through novel cell analysis and sorting. Our vision is to empower researchers to ask questions and seek answers without the bias of antibody-based diagnostics. Our cell analysis and sorting philosophy is based on the enormous potential of measuring the native response of a cell to its environment and the ability to detect subtle changes in cell morphology, biochemistry, and biophysical properties.

Our values, passion, and drive are based upon the desire to help humankind better understand disease to accelerate therapies and cures.

LumaCyte is an advanced research and bioanalytics instrumentation company that produces label-free, single cell analysis instrumentation where the use of antibody or genetic labeling is not required for cellular analysis. This revolutionary technology utilizes Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) to measure optical and fluidic forces within a microfluidic channel to identify and measure the intrinsic cellular properties of each cell. The broad and deep application capability, combined with the multivariate nature of the data has enabled a host of Big Data strategies and cloud computing capabilities that drive advanced analytics, allowing a deeper understanding of cell based biological systems. Applications of LumaCyte’s label-free platform technology include viral infectivity for vaccine development and manufacturing, cell and gene therapy development and production monitoring, cancer biology R&D, CAR T-cell immunotherapy, adventitious agent testing (AAT), iPSCs, infectious disease, and pre-clinical drug discovery, in addition to multiple applications across the biomanufacturing sector for quality control and process optimization.

Discover the Possibilities with Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™)

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