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Join the LumaCyte Team

Be part of our mission to revolutionize medical research and empower life-changing discoveries in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

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How We Work

We currently work from two facilities based in the United States and The Netherlands.

Join us to help empower researchers to ask questions and seek answers without the bias of antibody-based diagnostics.

See The Jobs

Our Culture

Join a diverse, collaborative team committed to innovative medical research and a supportive work environment.

Professional Growth

Thrive in a dynamic workplace that values learning, development, and career advancement opportunities.

Making an Impact

Contribute to groundbreaking research that helps shape the future of medicine and improves patient outcomes.

Benefits & Perks

Enjoy competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and a flexible work-life balance at LumaCyte.

Available Opportunities

Explore diverse career paths at LumaCyte, where you'll work on groundbreaking projects and help shape the future of medicine.

Where Our People Work From Currently

What We Look For

We always look for innovative and smart individuals to work with.

Passion for Innovation

We seek individuals who are excited about driving cutting-edge research and embracing new technologies.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Ideal candidates demonstrate strong collaboration skills and are committed to working closely with teammates.

Analytical Problem Solvers

We value critical thinkers with the ability to analyze complex challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Effective Communication

Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for conveying ideas and collaborating effectively.

Continuous Learners

Our team members have a growth mindset and are dedicated to staying updated on industry advancements.

Adaptability & Resilience

We appreciate individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment and adapt to new challenges with ease.

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